Instant gratification. This is a desire that all of us experience and wrestle with daily. In a world where you can walk into a home store and have your whole home done in an afternoon (for a pretty penny), it is sometimes a hard concept to ignore.

In my opinion, this is one of the largest personal barriers to decorating a home. When one walks into a new, open space, the urge to fill it immediately is overwhelming. My husband and I moved into our first apartment together during the fall of 2015, and I was adamant on the idea that guests could not visit until we were completely furnished. I was obsessed with people only seeing the “finished product.” However, this mindset can be dangerous whilst decorating. The truth is that the adoration I feel for our home stems from the fact nearly every single thing that fills the walls, floors, and spaces has its own story. My mother has always advised me to “take it slow and collect pieces over time.” Daily I am learning to appreciate this piece of advice.

I now have a growing collection of unique treasures that are near & dear to my heart. This is truly the theme of my blog. I love to find treasures that people would otherwise look past. When you learn their stories, it instantly creates value to the piece. When I learn these stories, it brings meaning to an otherwise meaningless piece of junk. My hope is that through this blog I can show how to use these pieces to create a comfortable, cozy home that has character.

I love each story that comes with the pieces in my home and even if no one reads this, it bring me joy to share them.

My hope for anyone reading this is that you start to find the fun and joy in decorating. By taking the time to really find pieces that matter and have a story, you will discover that the feeling of your home being unfinished or incomplete disappears. Sure, everything will not come at once but the thrill of the hunt gives off such a design “high” that it holds you over till the next amazing treasure you find.

A couple ideas of treasures I have found that make our house, “our home”, in the pictures below. 🙂

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This small stretch of fencing I found at a market day festival in the spring. I had to rub it down with mildew bleach, because it been naturally affected by rainfall. I love how it “owns” this wall and brings depth to it. Thinking beyond framed photos or paintings is a great way to liven up your wall space, while achieving something different.

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I purchased this old box impulsively, and admittedly had no idea where I would use it. Turns out, the height was perfect to act as an end-table next to one of our chairs. I wanted to fill the table space, while giving height and texture, so I used some books to lift these flowers, and a small chalkboard in the opening.

FullSizeRender (11)

This was the first piece that Andrew and I ever bought together for our home. It is an old barn door, and I love that the hardware is still on it. Barn doors are very “in” these days; I’m sure you’ve seen them installed as functional, sliding doors within homes in lieu of the tradition swinging door. I decided to mount ours directly to the wall using french cleats. By adding various decorations that simply hang by nail & screw, you can have a versatile piece of decor that is easily interchangeable. The deer skull you see was actually purchased at a flea market in rural Missouri for only $15. When we bought it, it still had a lot of skin & hair on it, which Andrew had to extensively clean for weeks in order for it to be functional. We finished the skull by bleaching it, then coating with Behr Cottage White. The moss-covered “N” was also an easy DIY project. I love the chicken wire basket on the left side. I stuck a few books in there along with a wooden coaster to support a small gold votive.

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