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I don’t know about you, but as soon as September hits, I am immediately ready to cover my house with leaves and pumpkins. One thing that is always a challenge with changing seasons (and with decorating in general) are the expenses that come with transitioning seasonal decor. So the question is: how can I add character to my home with festive, fall elements without breaking the bank?

I typically have laying around in our basement a variety flowers, grapevine wreaths, and barn-wood. I really wanted a new wreath for our front door, but I wasn’t prepared to face the price tag at Hobby Lobby. I decided to create my own, and it took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish!


Items Needed:

-grapevine wreath (or other rustic wreath to be used as a neutral base)

-assortment of fall colored flowers (you can mix in some leaves as well)

-boxwood sprigs (any type of greenery sprig would do)


-hot glue

-barn wood piece (about 12 inches long)

Although I hot glued the boxwood sprig, I reinforced it by tying it with some twine that would be disguised by the flower petals.

Here you see that I hot-glued the boxwood sprig and reinforced it by tying twine around the stems that would eventually be disguised by the flower petals.

I hotglued the flowers down onto the wreath after placing the boxwood sprigs.

Once dried, I then fixed a few fall flowers onto the wreath, making sure to cover the unsightly stems from the boxwood sprigs.

I laid out the wood to see where I wanted it. I used the largest drill bit I had to drill two holes through the sides.

Here is a piece of scrap barn wood, which I’m using as the focal point of the wreath. After drilling two holes on either side, it was ready to hang.

I then ran twine through both sides of the scrap wood, which helped "suspend" the piece in the center of the wreath.

I then ran twine through both sides of the scrap wood, which helped “suspend” the piece in the center of the wreath.

To do the wooden sign, I pulled twine through both of the holes and tied it to the wreath. In order for it to stay where I wanted, I hot glued the twine. My husband used some left over white paint to write the grateful.

My husband used some leftover white paint to write the text. {The final product!}



**I used few leftover flowers from when a Michael’s closed last fall. Both real & artificial flowers can add up to a hefty sum quickly, so don’t be afraid to be mindful of your wallet at places like Dollar Tree & Michael’s.

**The boxwood sprigs are from the bushes in our front yard, but you can use artificial ones just as easily.

**Grapevine wreaths can be found here: Grapevine Wreath




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