What a beautiful winter evening we are having here in the Midwest! All of the leaves have (mostly) fallen, and the cold weather is here to stay. Currently, I am curled up beside the tree, listening to the Kenny and Dolly Christmas Pandora Station, and I just can’t get over how much I love this season.

During the holidays, it can be extremely easy to fall into consumer temptation, with sales and discounts urging you ever-so-often to buy gifts and holiday decor to fill every spot in your home with Christmas cheer. Today, I am sharing a simple (and affordable) way to make a beautiful dining room tablescape that will immediately capture the attention of your guests and make them feel welcome at the table.



For starters, I decided to utilize the dishware I already had. Now don’t get me wrong, it took a lot of self-control for me not to go out and buy some adorable holiday accent plates. Instead, I used my everyday white plates from Crate and Barrel, and did a bit of furnishing. Here, you can see a set of 4 white napkins I purchased from the local Wal-Mart. Although our table can seat up to 8 people comfortably, I decided to set only 4 table settings as to not overwhelm the space.


Christmas Place setting

I found these adorable paper tree tags in our Target’s “dollar aisles”. They came in a set of 12, so I am planning on using the excess to add some flair to a few presents I’ll wrap this weekend. I used the existing twine from the tags to tie it around the napkins. With a bit more twine, I knotted a bow to add a final touch to the white napkin.

After taking a step back, I felt the table-setting lacked a bit of pop, especially with the white napkin adding little visual appeal against the white plate. Since the hubs had nixed me going out and buying wooden salad plates, I decided to dig around my napkin drawer instead. I found some red napkins I use during the fall, and decided to fold them underneath for a nice contrast.


Next was determining a centerpiece. I adore my antique milk pitcher with eucalyptus leaves that usually lives on my coffee table. However, it had to be removed from our living room to make way for a new centerpiece. I didn’t want to just put it away for the season, since it features so well in our house, so I mixed in a few stems of cedar from Hobby Lobby with the existing eucalyptus from Ikea and some red berries. Beneath it, I used a fractured tree stump for elevation. This strong Christmas palette coupled with a bit of antique flair really makes for a wonderful tablescape on our long dining room table.


After the table-settings and centerpiece, I still felt like our table was missing something. I then found these precious, mini flocked trees at a local home shop here in Missouri. On top of a couple of doilies for contrast, they are a perfect pair to flank the centerpiece (I especially love the tiny pine cones embellishing the branches).


And with that, our table is complete! It is a challenge keeping things simple and having to make choices about what pieces to keep around and which ones to put away for the season. With a bit of creative thinking and trial-and-error, you can refashion your other seasonal decor for any holiday imaginable.


For those who want to try at home, here are some tips!

  • Use neutral dinnerware. Colors, patterns or busy dinnerware can take away from other things you may want to do on the table (i.e. centerpiece) so I recommend using a solid, neutral color.
  • Try to use what you have around the house. I was totally prepared to run out and buy accent napkins when I realized I had perfect red ones already. Get creative and find ways to make existing items work!
  • Elevate! Even though it is a table, adding different heights can add subtle eye appeal. I wanted there to be a distinct difference between the trees and my milk pitcher. The wood stump is how I added height but you can do this in any way you’d prefer that matches your style.
  • Greenery is always a safe bet. I may be biased, but I personally think there is nothing more beautiful than a natural feel. Even when it isn’t the holidays, I encourage you to use as many natural elements as you can on your table. It keeps things simple, but also more atmospheric.
  • Make things pop against the color of your table. Certainly, it is convenient to cover your table with a runner or cloth, but then you lose the natural contrast and beauty of your table’s natural wood. If you need things to stand out more, find elements to place beneath/beside objects. I chose to use mini doilies for the small trees, and it added just what I needed without overwhelming the entire table.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading along!

Wishing y’all the merriest of Christmases to you and yours. Until next time…



Written by madisonnye01@gmail.com

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