Simplicity. It is a thing I think most of us crave after the business of the holidays. The last two months of the year are very fun in the way of decorating your home. However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that at the turn of the New Year, I was ready to de-clutter the house. As soon as I got our Christmas decor packed away in our basement, I breathed a sigh of relief. I love the idea of a clean slate and fresh inspiration.

A few ways I am creating new looks in our home is by simply rearranging. Our big resolution as a couple of 2017 is to budget, and budget well. It is a great idea for our financial security overall, but not so great for my home shopping budget! šŸ™‚

That being said, instead of going out and buying some new items (which I’ve wanted desperately to do), I’ve challenged myself to utilize what I already own in new and innovative ways. Having moved several things to the basement to make room for Christmas decor, I found it was a lot easier to reinvent our living spaces than I had anticipated.

I started by bringing back up as much as I could from the basement and laying it out on the kitchen table. From there I simply started creating new vignettes.

Several areas stayed the same, but I found that changing up a few of my main vignettes gave me the feeling of the fresh new look I was envisioning.

One of my favorite “new” designs was re-using the cotton stems I had stuck in our Christmas tree. I used a large bundle in my grandfather’s old, rusted watering can. I wanted some height on this chippy shelf and the can was the perfect statement piece.

I used the remaining cotton stems in this precious galvanized coin container (Magnolia Home) for my centerpiece. As of now (and subject to change at any moment…), I’ve decided to not to individual table settingsĀ for the rest of theĀ season. I typically like to have place settings out for aesthetic appeal, as we tend to eat at our breakfast bar mostly, but, for now, I want to appreciateĀ the beauty of our bare wood table.

Lastly, we moved the trunk out of our hearth room! It was used elsewhere during Christmastime as our tree took its spot, but once the tree was down, I really grew to love the space without it. I know that eventually I will want to add something here (maybe a shorter, less-busy coffee table) but for now, I am enjoying how clean and simple the hearth room appears. The trunk will be getting a makeover for a different part of the house, so stay tuned in future blog posts.


How are you changing in 2017 when it comes to your home? Would love to hear from you!



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