Vintage Market Days!
I too often say that it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year, but it’s true! I have it on my calendar for months in advance, and I look forward to it every year!
If you’re not aware, most major cities hold a bi-annual antique festival called Vintage Market Days, and it is absolutely a must for all you vintage lovers out there.
As a Saint Louis native, I’m of course partial to the VMD of my city. The vendors are top-notch, displays are gorgeous, and they also feature some of the best food trucks around!
Strong winds and one rainy day couldn’t keep junking lovers away. It was packed, but you could still move about each booth freely.
The atmosphere at the market is vibrant and fun, with live music playing throughout the day, and vendors proudly showcasing their most storied and beautiful pieces.
Vendors are genuinely interested in your vision when you purchase one of their items. I love sharing my thoughts, and I like to think it makes them happy to know their amazing
treasures are off to a nice home!
For today’s blog, I’m sharing a few of my favorite vendors from the show and some trends I noticed this spring (vendor contact list at the bottom). If you have attended VMD before, share in the comments below some of your favorite things!
>>First off, we have Rusted Pearls.
There was so much I loved about their booth! First of all, this is one of the booths I bought something at this year. I am decorating a small corner wall in our house and needed something galvanized, yet understated.
How precious is this mini feeding tin? She had it styled with real succulents in the bottom. I loved the look, but I didn’t want to mess with dripping dirty water when it needed to be watered. I re potted the succulents to another spot, and I added some faux succulents I had on hand from Hobby Lobby.
My favorite part of her display, however, had to be these hanging shelves. I love the statement they make. They are so dimensional, and they have the ability to really add that bit of flair to a room. Three dimensional wall decor has been a trend for a little over a year now. To me, this is taking that trend to the next level. Rather than nailing a piece of fencing to a wall, why not hang a shelf from the ceiling to give a unique display of depth?
I spoke with Libby (owner) about these displays. She said she’s had them in her shop for a while now, and they haven’t sold. Then she comes here, and she had only 3 left by the second morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing these types of hanging shelves more often!
>>Next, we stopped by Boxwoods and Brass. They had some really neat stuff in this booth, especially some cool artwork using string and nails. We ended up buying this brown shelf for my Grandma’s house. The plan is to chalk paint it white and distress it. When we shared this with the owners, they agreed, and said they thought about painting it the same way!
>>We love Happy Camper Clothing Company. Not only do I adore their STL shirts, but they have some really awesome ones for the rest of the Midwest as well. I would recommend checking out their website ASAP!
What really drew me to their booth, however, was the creative packaging of their Midwest Farms t-shirts. How cute is that?
>>Last on the highlight reel is Peonies and Milk. As it was one of the first booths I stopped into, I was bursting with excitement. This vendor certainly did not disappoint. I love the window detail on this armoire they refinished!
Also, trending this spring is lots of greenery! It warms the space up and gives a more natural feel. Succulents are still all the rage, but I would say mini trees/topiaries are taking center stage.
Almost everyone walking out of the market had one of these mini lavender or olive trees. With a good range of sizes and variety, these little guys were flying off the shelves!
I also saw a few booths incorporating velvet riding hats into their decor. A step up from the animal art that was a big theme last year, these riding hats give a rustic, country feel in a subtle, classic way. I wish I still had mine from my old riding days!
Antlers are here to stay, in my opinion. I loved how two vendors styled their center pieces/table settings. These natural elements are really fun to play with on a tablescape!
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this spring’s show. Keep your eyes peeled for the next time it rolls around. It’s a fun weekend full of great junk, beautiful displays, and good food. What more could you ask for?

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