A Very Merry Christmas Inspiration (published on 12/10/16)

Where has this year gone?

Frigid weather, twinkling lights, and steamy cups of hot chocolate are all signs that Christmas is here but wow, did time fly! This morning, I’m wrestling with the reality that we are only a short 12 days away from Christmas.

In lieu of my favorite holiday that will be gone before we know it, I am sharing a few quick Christmas spots in our home that I hope will give you some fun & festive inspiration.

Inspiration #1: My $1 Christmas Wreath!

I found this cute, wooden, die-cut “Noel” in the dollar aisles at Target. When I initially placed it in my cart, I wasn’t sure where it would find it’s place in our home, but eventually it found it’s way to our antique mantle in our hearth room. We keep this old window on our mantle all year, where there is usually some draping greenery that is hanged by nail.

We have dozens of wreaths on-hand (they’re so versatile & customizable), so with the right placement and a burlap bow, our “Noel” is now an eye-catcher when you walk into the dining area.

Due to the nature of our mantle’s interchangeability (is that a word?) – we’ve added some holiday cheer to one of our favorite static scenes in the house.

*Tip: I personally would never hang the DIY wreath all by itself on that wall. Whether it be a piece of barn wood, frame, or an antique window, layering is my go-to idea to add depth to a piece.

Inspiration #2: Our Plaid Picnic Basket!

The living room is my favorite part of our home, and the centerpiece on our barn wood coffee table is always ever-changing. I was antiquing a few weeks before Thanksgiving and spotted this adorable red-plaid picnic basket. A simple box made of metal, when opened up it reveals four wooden legs that swing out to make a table! I died on the spot.

For a reasonable $20, I knew that the Christmas red could not be passed up. I try to do very little red inside the house, because I think that it can be unfavorably palatable in terms of our Farmhouse color scheme. When your entire house is mostly neutrals, a bit of red can really stand out. A little goes a long way in this regard.

Stick a snow-flocked mini tree on top, and you have the height and dimension needed to anchor the table. I also found an old Christmas hymnal for $3 at Vintage Market Days, so I set that on top to break up some of the red.

*Tip: You can achieve this look without an antique find. HomeGoods has great metal trunks that are perfect heights for a coffee table centerpiece. Just remember to balance your colors while also utilizing height and dimension to make it pop!

Inspiration #3: Our DIY Chair Wreaths!

Admittedly, this chair-wreath inspiration comes from my friends of Instagram. I really wanted to do something similar, but I wasn’t excited about dropping more money for those mini wreaths. Thankfully, our local Dollar Tree came to the timely rescue. They have 10 feet of green garland for – you guessed it – one dollar. Ten. Feet. I grabbed that baby off the shelves faster than you can imagine.

With a wire cutter and tape measure, I cut three lengths of garland at 3 feet each. I then twisted them into small wreaths. Candidly, this Dollar Tree garland isn’t of the highest quality – they don’t match perfectly, but for the purpose of what I was going for, they didn’t really need to. I then tied them to the back of each chair with brown twine, and voila. I dressed these chairs up for a buck!

My house changes daily, so I like to keep costs low while also allowing my creativity to work.

*Tip: My black chairs help hide some of the imperfections of the wreaths (i.e. imperfect circles, greenery sticking opposite directions, etc.) If working with light-colored chairs, I would spend more time working the garland to be the perfect shape. I would even consider wrapping them twice to make them a bit fuller.

As always, thanks for reading along. I hope this inspired you to create some more fun Christmas spaces for cheap!

Now back to wrapping presents! 🙂


A Christmas Tradition (published on 12/20/16)

As my favorite holiday approaches, I wanted to finally share a shot of our Christmas tree. Like many people who have an affinity for the holiday, I’ve always been captivated by the beauty and grandeur of well-decorated trees. Admittedly, I’ve never been the most talented at fashioning a tree in a luxurious and effortless manner (like you see in the catalogs). I was raised in a home where our tree held a lot more personal meaning and considerably less professional decor. With this tradition in mind, we have carried it over to our first home’s tree as well.

Before Christmas – for as long as I can remember – my mom will get each of her kids a personalized ornament commemorating a significant event in their lives that year. The year I turned 16, I received an ornament shaped like a driver’s license. When I did my first mission trip to Uganda, I got one that looked like a suitcase.

Additionally, my parents would also buy an ornament on every trip they took. It’s a great way to remember the fun memories they shared together. When my husband and I got married, we decided to do the same. Here are some of our favorites.

Honeymoon in Saint Lucia

La Jolla, CA

New York City

When we got married, I took all of my specially personalized ornaments with me. Now I have fun adding ones for Andrew each year.


(excuse my horrifying handwriting)

While our tree may not be the most glamorous, it is brimming with the most amazing memories. When we gather around it Christmas morning, with big mugs full of hot chocolate opening presents, it is a great reminder of the wonderful life we are blessed with.


What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions you share with your family?